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Motorola Droid RAZR Video Call?

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I have a Motorola Droid Razr and Skype Video works perfectly using front or Rear camera, 3g, 4g, or WiFi. Make sure you completely uninstall previous versions of skype from your phone and then install the latest version from the market. After that, if it's not working, then maybe it's just an ID10t error.
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I just got the razr maxx. I used to have a droid x. Like you, when I switched phones all my old apps. from the old phone automatically uploaded to the new phone.
I noticed that skype mobile did not work. I got the message that is not ready for my device.
the fix.
went to the market and downloaded the latest version ( note: it is called just "skype" now).
unistalled the old one and the new version runs just fine.
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I dont consider myself an idiot. I have installed, reinstalled, uninstalled many times with the Razr Maxx and Skype is not working with video calls. I will find out if this phone is set up for that, but calling us idiots just because yours works and ours does not.....hardly appropriate for you to start judging people..

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it works fine with android 2.3.6 and latest skype just go to the application and remove the data settings -> application -> manage application then in skype delete data restart skype and it should tell you that the camera is not supportes and if you want to activate it any way say yes
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I've tried everything. My phone just upgraded to 4.1.2 and Skype still sucks. I can see and hear but my friends can only hear me, no video from my phone. Droid RAZR Max. My old droid-x still works fine on WiFi.
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Hi - did you ever solve this problem? i'm having the exact same one - same phone and android version as you. Thanks.

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Bump. Found similar issue from TWO THOUSAND ELEVEN.

Need option to switch to speakerphone on video call. Skype, please fix this.
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I found out what will guarantee you working video chat! Follow these steps and you will be charting with your friends in no time.

1.) Open your camera up

2.) Switch camera to video mode

3.) Switch camera to front facing (screen side)

4.) Exit and run Skype video chat as a test and it should work. ( be sure to keep the camera setting the same in order for the video to show up for your friends.

Please tell every Droid RAZR M user who wants the most out of Skype. Thank you for reading!
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How do you do this?  I am dense and need very detailed instructions - very much need this working!!!

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How do you do this? I can't find the settings you're talking about.

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