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Motorola Droid RAZR Video Call?

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Novel Adventurer

Droid RAZR's video calls do not work. Can Skype admins notify the tech team?

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Novel Adventurer

Motorola Droid Razr by Verizon with Android 2.3.5 cannot make video calls with Skype. This device has not supported yet. Can you update Skype with newly released devices?


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Novel Tourist

If you hear anything, let us know.  I just found out this morning that Skype does not support the Droid Razr

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Casual Tourist

I'm have the same problem..I'm able to hear and see the other person when video call but the other person is not able to see me but she can hear me. Can anything be done please???? Skype Tech Support can you guys please fix this problem???     

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Novel Tourist has a verified work around until Skype certifies. 

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I just called Verizon. The tech I spoke to stated she nor her cowarker has gotten one call regarding this issue, so they say. Very disappointing. I could also hear and see my parents but they could only hear me. I hope this does get fixed soon.

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Novel Tourist
Possible to give the full URL of the web page that talk about the workaround? Thanks
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Novel Tourist
Same issue here.
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I got my razr yesterday and skype vedio call is main reason for me to buy this phone. but unfortunately it doesn't work on this phone... I m very much upset due to this. How come motorola razr still does not skype certified.....pls pls help us though solving the issue.....

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Novel Tourist

i dont get why you are all having problems, i have the Droid RAZR and the skype video calls works great every time i have used it

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