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Mic not working on Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

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As per the subject, the Mic seems permanantly muted, even though a sound meter app shows that the Mic is working fine. In Skype, the icon is either showing muted with a red line, or if you press, it changes to all blue but still is muted.

I'm using the latest version of Skype and android available from Android market and Samsung respectively. No rooting/modification at all. Please fix!
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my Verizon galaxy 7"tab mic worked fine  in skype from about November 22 to early Dec 2011. since then, nada. the mic now always has a bar across it. seems like verizon and/or skype do not want you to use the tab for skype, & cant get to any mic controls for skype on the tab.

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I too have this problem on my samsung tab 10.1. i know the mic works but won't work for skype or google plus, it just appears as muted and can't be un muted! Really irritating and makes skype totally useless.
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I am having the same exact problem with my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.  Why isn't Skype doing something about this?

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 having exactly the same issue with Samsung tab P1000

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i was having the same issue with my klipsch earphone with mic. come to find out its not skypes issue its samsung not suporting your earphones cause i tried with the earphones w/mic that came with the tab 10.1 and what do you know it worked. i dont know what the deal with samsung is but its crappy on their part   

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I have same problem on samsung galaxy s2 smartphone

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I would not blame version because I am trying this with entelpcs (chile) and have same problem.
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I have the same problem with galaxy tab 10.1 4G. The mic is impposible to use in the apps like skype or websites like livemocha. I need a fix asap to use my tablet, iPad doesn't have this problem :-/
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I see that this is an ongoing problem, and the fact people STILL are unable to use mic's on their Galaxy Tabs means that Skype either don't read these forums, or can't be bothered to fix their customers problems!!!

I got the Tab because the iPad doesn't support flash, but now I am wondering if I need to purchase another device so I can speak to my wife and kids when I am on the move.

Kind of defeats the whole point of Skype doesn't it?


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