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Message Pending

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I am currently using an android. When I try to send a message it will still be pending for a long time. Is there a way to fix this?
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Woops sorry. I need to write a proper error report. I am currently using android gingerbread on a samsung replenish in the US. I am currently on Sprint and I use a combination 3G and wifi. My messages are still pending. Can someone help?
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I've experienced Skype IMs in the 'Pending' status for an excessive duration on Android, too. (In addition to infinitely-pending messages with the little spinning circle in Skype for Windows). I've always shrugged it off as a quirk - until I missed a business meeting today and the other party didn't get my message. Needless to say, I'm looking for a real solution now.


In today's scenario, I'm using:

  • HTC Merge
  • Android 2.3
  • Skype

I sent the IM at about 2:30 PM. It's now about 6:30 PM and the message is still in the 'Pending' state.


What's worse, my client and I picked up the conversation via our Windows Skype clients just now, and new messages sent/received from Windows are showing up in my Android Skype conversation. The old message, however, is just stuck in the 'Pending' state.


I've restarted Skype on Android, and restarted Android, itself. Neither has jarred the old message loose.


  • Has anyone else encountered Skype for Android messages stuck in the 'Pending' state - and, if so, is there a workaround? 
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I am having this issue as well. I'm using a Samsung captivate, 2.3.5 gingerbread. It doesn't matter if I'm on Wi-Fi or mobile data, all my messages say pending!
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same thing with my skype on samsung galaxy s3

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I'm also experiencing the same problem on Samsung Galaxy S3 on Verizon.

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Same problem here on S3 international. I tried reinstalling it but same issue.

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Same here on my HTC Vivid Running ICS.

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same thing on htc g2 with gingerbread

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LG Optimus L7 w/ ICS and ALL messages I send in Skype for Android get marked as "pending". Looking at my logs in Skype for Windows shows they never went through, though Windows messages show up in the Android client while I am logged in to both applications.
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