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Low sound in speaker and microphone Galaxy 10.3 android 3.1 and Skype

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Hi, Hope someone can help with this. When use SKYPE the microphone and speaker is really low. If use the Galaxy to make video recording and play back - the sound and recording is OK. Anyone has idea how to adjust/what to do?

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I am not sure how the sound is set up on the Galaxy 10.3 as I guess it may be similar to my Galaxy S2 phone.


On my phone I am able to adjust the speaker sound by raising the "Media" volume up to a louder position.


The Media volume on my phone is in the settings under

> Settings

> Sound

> Volume

. . .  and there is a few volume adjustments here, including Media Volume.


Skype uses the "Media" Volume.


I hope this helps.



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In addition to the previous post, there has been a few messages where users experience poor low volume ring tone on their Android phone devices.


I too have this problem of poor low ring tone volume when my Skype receives an incoming call on my Android Samsung Galaxy S2 with the latest 2.3 Gingerbread and latest Skype Android.


I have found that the incoming Skype ring tone volume can be heard if using my cable earpiece plugged into my phone, but the phone speaker is way too soft when I get an incoming Skype ringing call.  This problem is worst when out on the (noisy) street and my phone is in my pocket. I often miss the incoming Skype ringing call.


Maybe Skype could in the near future add a feature on the Android phones and devices to choose the default Skype ring tone, or another sound option and including a choice to use the normal phones ring tone setting?



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Sawadee: Right on the button! Thanks!
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I have the same problem with my Samsung GS2, did ou find a solution? It doesnt seem as if Skype offered a solution and here we are one year later. Any app's on the market that solves this problem? 





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I have an LG Revolution and I cannot get the speaker to work only when using Skype. I have made all the proper adjustments and called my carrier, they said it was a Skype issue
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