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LGMS910 - LG Esteem on MetroPCS

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Novel Tourist

I just bought this phone and it is awesome.  But after I loaded Skype I could not make or receive video calls.  Can anyone tell me if this feature is supposed to work with this phone?  Or, since the phone was only released on September 28th, will this feature be added anytime in the near future?  The phone does have Android Gingerbread 2.3.  Thanks!

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Former Staff

Did you try enabling videocalling via the app's settings? That is: Once you've opened Skype press the hardware (!) settings button on your device to open the settings and check the videocalling option there. 


Please let us know if this works, so we can consider making this the default for this device. Unfortunately there are so many Android phones on the market its impossible for our team to test all of them

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Yes, I have that same problem with Metro PCS LG ESTEEM android also, it has a micro web cam on front and I can't do Video calls also; I hope you guys can give us an aswer for that problem.
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Wow....all this time I've been wondering how to do this and it was such a simple fix. Thanks a lot for your help on this. Now I can videochat w/my girlfriend in Japan!!!

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i have the same phone and i can only see there video but my cameras won't turn on
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