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Installing mobile skype

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I am installing skype on a Samsung.  The "agreements" include allowing the App to take over my storage, to make phone calls which will cost me money without my "intervention" and virtually take over my phone.  Does anyone understand this and why would you allow such an App on your phone.  Has anyone in his or her right mind ever installed skype on an android??  

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People these days
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Unfortunately, we live in a world these days, where the hunger and desire for people to have the luxury of a "Mobile Phone" at the expense of high cost mobile phone services is a costly "must have" commodity we (people) put ourselves into such costly situations.

Skype, in my personal opinion, is merely an App available for mobile phone "sufferers", to help them keep their costly luxury mobile phone expenses down.

Tip.  Use Skype wisely for peace of mind, fear not the mobile phone providers for leading us into temptations.


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I don't entirely agree - there is frequently a sound quality difference between the laptop's built-in sound system and the phone, which is a natural consequence of speaking into the mictophone directly and holdig your ear to the phone's "loudspeaker".
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nokia n79
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