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Ideapad A1 meets reqs. Why no video?

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Hello Skype, any official word yet as to an A1 fix?

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Even just a "We know its broken we are trying to fix it. It will be fixed in somewhere between 5 minutes and 6 months".

Otherwise I might send the pad back and that would suck !

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Similar problem the HP touchpad has running skype.

Download Skype version  It works


You can download it from

Uninstall the current version

Download version

Install version which can now be found in your Downloads on the A1

Sign in to skype

Select profile and select Advanced settings

Check Force-enable video-calling.  Let Skype restart.

Check setFPS and Use valid preview surface.

Both cameras should work.

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did anybody try that?

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Former Staff

Thanks for the requests - we'll see what we can do about enabling video on the A1.  We've already enabled the K1, so have some experience of working with Lenovo.

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leiliu1022 wrote:

Good news!!!!!Good news!!!!!Good news!!!!!

skype work properly!!


Firist: if you rom version is not 2375, then chang the rom version to 2375.

       Note: the new version like 2493 not work properly!


Second: download the skype developped by theos0o

       Note1: downloading v11 in it, although there is newer version v12, but it do not work on A1;  skype 2.6 also do not work properly now! 

       Note2: set the skype! in "advanced setting", there is option "Use valid preview surface", choose it!


OK! enjoy your skype!!  finally thanks theos0o again!!! 



Great, thanks "Use valid preview surface" did the trick!

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DOes not work, that version does not have video support

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It does, but you first have to activate it.

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Any update? Seems like a simple fix.

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did it work?
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