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I found why sound choppy problem occurs

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I'm found why sound choppy problem occurs.

Problem in proximity sensor! When I'm move my hand closer to proximity sensor, then display is off and sound choppy beginning. When I'm move my hand away, then display come on and sound choppy disappearing.


So problem in proximity sensor, this is a bug related to proximity sensor handling in the skype.


Please fix this bug and add setting option to allow disable proximity sensor usage from skype call.

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Thanks for sharing your findings. Skype is aware of this limitation and will probably address it in a future update.

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Hi noticed the same problem with my HTC Wildfire S. Is there any way to go back to the previous version of Skype? I think it was the That was worked perfectly on my device...
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yes, previous version works with proximity sensor more better, in 983 you can talk for about 2 minutes before sound choppy appears, and you can talk very long time when use headset or speaker to avoid contact proximity sensor...


I'm install 983 back from APK file, because old version give chance to answer without use headset. New version start sound choppy immediately after contact to proximity sensor...

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New version appears in the market, but skype bug with proximity sensor is still not fixed. Also I found that when you enable speaker, then skype dont use proximity sensor and sound choppy also dont appears. New version have the same problem - when you touch proximity sensor during the call, skype stops work normaly and begin sound choppy. When you dont touch proximity sensor (to avoid display off), then skype works good.


So I'm come back on 983 again and waiting for fix of this issue (skype bug with proximity sensor)

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THAT IS SAME PROBLEM ON MY htc magic plz fix it

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is there any version that works good?

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I think you will find that when the proximity sensor cuts in the processor runs slower,as it acts as a battery saver.Therefore there is not enough cpu speed to run Skype,which requires about 600mhz.

Maybe the only way round it is to put the phone onto loudspeaker & turn the volume down to 30% & use that as your earpiece,that's what i do anyway.

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If you have a Wildfire,or a phone which does not support video calling,why not downgrade to an earlier version of Skype.Uninstall v & go into google on your phone & find /android / apps/skype old_ versions [sorry cant post complete link,not allowed here] scroll down the page & you will find most old versions,tryv983  or 984,i've found this to work a bit better than the latest v2xxx update.You can click on the link of the version you want there & download it direct in minutes.

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Hello, I actually WANT to use skype with screen off, for audio, in order to save screen/power, but the lag does start when that happens.  what to do?

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