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How to log out in Skype 4.0?

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i updated my skype on my samsung galaxy pocket. the surrounding's new and i don't know how to log out. i can't find any log out button. do i just set to invisble?

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<sarcasm>Why would you ever want to logout of anything on a mobile device when you have unlimited battery life?</sarcasm>

Took me a bit to find it.

Tap on the icon in the upper right. On the next screen, tap on the menu button in the bottom right (3 vertical dots). Select the option to sign out.

Hope this helps.

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I just update skype on my samsung galaxy S3 smart phone, but i cant logout skype on my phone???
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I've just updated to the new version of Skype on my samsung galaxy s3, the layout is completely different and I can't find out where to sign out, how do I do it??
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I want back old version.

Newest 4.x version dont have SIGN OFF button (only Invisible mode). HOW LAME IS THAT ??????


Now everytime I want to quit Skype, I need to kill it with Android tools..


Seriously, *edited for profanity*, skype team...............




Where can i get old version?

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ok, I found it... under settings, lol......

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Yeah I was like you at first, then I figured out; click top right your icon, then click options on your phone and select sign out. When you re-launch application you don't have to sign in again if you selected sign in automatically in settings. Cheers!

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Anyway, in my opinion SIGN OFF should be Under Menu option right away, not in Settings -> Menu...


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Thank you Dave!
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What the hell? My Galaxy S2 just auto updated Skype, and now if I try to use it, there is no longer an option to shut the thing down?!


I don't want it open 24/7 thanks, I just want to use it, vidoe call my son and then close it, just like I used to be able to do up until about 20 minutes ago! What is it with this always on stuff that we get forced to have. I'm unistalling Skype right now until this gets resolved. Shame on you Skype, I can see threads on this forum going back a couple of years on this issue.

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