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How to get the old skype version

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I have an X10mini pro, with the new update I can't make my mic work when I'm making a call, also the new interface is not as good as the old one. It is a right for the user if they want to downgrade the software their using to do so.

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There is a post "How can I downgrade to old Android version?" in this forum. (See the Top Kudoed Posts!) Sadly a link to that post is not allowed:




Basically just google for „Skype apk“. (Best check the checksum before installing.)

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yes i have googled that earlier but using that how can i have warranty of being downloading a not contaminated version

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That's why navossoc gave us the MD5 checksum in the other thread ""How can I downgrade to old Android version?". Check if that matches your downloaded file.

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yes I agree, version older than 5.3 was better, if anyone can let me know how to reload version 4 I would be grateful.
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Hi, there is a website where you can download old versions, it is just that on this page the name cannot be given.
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yes i have the same problem... please help... i want the old skype back... i have no idea what to do! how do i get it and what do i have to do?
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If you are looking for an older version of Skype ie: ,try www freewarelovers . com / android / apps /skype old_versions .[ Not able to post direct links here.]Go to bottom of page & it shows all old versions.

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I would like to get back an older version of Skype for Mac, as I find the last 3 versions have got increasingly less intuitive and harder to use. I run Mac OS 10.6.8. What's the oldest available that works on it? I'm happy to do without the online support.

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