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How many monkeys did it take to write this program?

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Casual Adventurer

Seriously, I don't mean to be rude, but skype for my android device (Motorola Droid X2) is absolutely ridiculous. It seems that every update, besides making the current bugs worse, brings more bugs.


Let's list the major ones:


-When calling another skype account, if the person does not answer, you the "end call" button does nothing


-Cannot always answer calls from other skype accounts


-When calling other skype accounts at times, it seems like it doesn't know who it's calling because it doesn't even show the name or picture


-Does not usually show when your friends are online or not


-When someone calls me and I answer, the stupid thing continues to ring in my ear after I have answered it, and even after I hang up. The only way to fix this is either restart the phone or end the application.


-When I call someone on skype the sound you hear when ringing the person often continues after they have already answered


-Extremely frequent crashes during use, sometimes even crashes the phone. Crashes also occasionally occur when skype is just running in the background


-When ringing people on skype, they don't always receive the call


-Bluetooth seems to work very intermittently


-Typing freezes up a lot, and causes system keyboard application to frequently crash


-When someone sends me an IM, often I must go out and then  back in before it updates the conversation window.



I mean these are issues with basic usage of the thing! I can't even seem to use the thing without having trouble (and I pay for skype!). Is anyone else experiencing these bad of issues? I am using the droid x2, and this is my second one, so it's not the individual phone I have that was bad.



Skype on android 2.3.4

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Reliable Adventurer

i'd say skype for android is a prime candidate for a clean slate (rethought, redesigned, and rewritten completely)

Novel Adventurer

My thoughts exactly...

Casual Adventurer

Anyone else care to comment. Come on people, I know there are many more people experiencing the same issues!  Voice your problems and your opinion and maybe skype will actually do something about it!

Novel Tourist

Maybe somebody have already figured this one out:

when I make/receive a call to/from a friend on skype from their computer to my Skype Droid, I hear them but they can't hear me. And the mic icon at the bottom of my phone shows that it's not on but it doesn't allow me to turn it on by pressing it. Is there another setting somewhere to turn the mic on???

Novel Adventurer
I agree. I just bought a new HTC Wildfire and downloaded the Skype app. I wish I could say I had got as far as the problems you describe - the reality is that it just doesn't work at all - I read another description somewhere where somebody says "it sounds like you are talking through an aeroplane propellor" - exactly what mine is like, totally unusable. Some suggestions online that the phone processor is too slow - rubbish - the program is too inefficient if that's the case. I'm not interested in video - just audio calls - and streaming audio doesn't need ANY processing power!!! It is a completely useless piece of software that I was very disappointed with as a regular Skype user - and one who pays for various Skype services as well. So now I either need to go and spend £500 on an iPhone I don't want for anything else (and hope it works better on that - I think it does), or cart my laptop around so I can still use Skype on that. They might as well have said it isn't available for Android phones for all the use it is on mine. Time to rip this program up and rewrite it from the ground up, and soon.
Former Staff


We apologize however the HTC Wildfire is not one of the supported devices in Android 2.5, as per our release notes

´Samsung Galaxy Spica I5700 2.1; LG Ahola 2.1; HTC Wildfire; HTC Legend

These phone models do not fullfill the Skype 2.5. for Android requirements, but you can run Skype on it. The application performance may not be optimal.´

I hope this explains the problems you are experiencind.


Novel Adventurer
Ditto for most of those, on HTC Desire - especially the continued ringing, lagging online friend statuses and delayed SMS/chat messages. Also often rotates and then goes to lock screen just as you try to hang up the call - very annoying. Have not used bluetooth though.
Former Staff

we are sorry to know that you are experiencing such issue with Skype for Android on your Motorola.
Stay assured that many of these issues are know to our developers who are already working a new release of the app (unfortunately we cannot give you any date of release, please keep an eye on our Garage for next one: ).
As basic troubleshooting, make sure that:

- all your phone firmware is updated
- Skype for Android is installed on the phone memory

If one of those basics is not met, consider uninstalling Skype and installing again and preferably using Wi-Fi connection during download process.

Novel Adventurer
Angelo_P - installing on phone memory - that's a good point. However, that then takes 17mb of space, which on the Desire (as Desire owners are all to aware) is far from ideal!

Will await future releases and hope they fix the mentioned issues...

Thanks for responding.
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