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How do i get a free number for skype on my android

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How do i get a skype number for both pc and android
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Skype online numbers are maybe what you are asking?

You can see the Skype Online Numbers on the main Skype web page under Features menu and then Online Numbers.

The Online Numbers are attached to your Skype Account, where you can use the Online Number to makes calls and receive calls on your Skype PC, Android, or any device you can log into your Skype Account.

I leave my Skype on my PC actively online all the time and as well as on my Android Mobile Phone.  Who ever answers the call first (PC or Android phone) takes the call. This method works if you are signed in with the same Skype Account on two devices.

With a Skype Online Number you purchase, you will need credit in your Skype Account to pay for the calls (if your country phone companies normally pay a connection fee for local calls, then the Skype Online Number in your country connection fee may also apply). Otherwise, you may purchase a monthly subscription to cover all your Skype Online Number calls if connection fees apply.

In my country, New Zealand, local calls in my city area are free and so are Skype Online Number calls.  I have a Skype Subscription to cover any Skype Online Number calls I make or receive from outside (national calls) my city area.


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