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How do I receive pictures?

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I know on the computer version of keep, you can send and get files such as photos, music, etc. A friend sent me a picture file and it showed the title, but I don't know how to download it. Is there any way to do so? Please tell me there's a way because I want to be able to send some pictures too. Thanks

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If you are using Skype for Android then currently file transfer is not a supported feature:

Receiving files on a PC is explained here:


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Very sorry to post this message here, where it doesn't belong, but I have been on my computer for over an hour and have yet to find a way to ask a new question. I am going round and round in circles. I read the short welcome note, I view the boards to select my topic, but nowhere, never, ever, is there a "New Message" icon. I have searched for my question, I have done everything humanly possible, but cannot post a new message. I have just had to hit the "reply" button, and put my message where it shouldn't be out of desperation!!

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this link is dead
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picture download problems

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I m not getting pictures on my iphone...!!! Tell something how to get pics
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