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How do I exit/shut down Skype?

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this is BS. is there not Over-the-phone tech support for skype? that's sad..


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It is in fact ridiculous. Not only there is no exit button, but the application restarts itself even if you kill the process through settings or using any other application. The only way to exit it is to uninstall - which I did. Shame on you, Skype.

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And to add insult to injury email tech support seems clueless.. Telling me to simply mark a 'do not run on startup' checkbox that doesnt exist and to exit to not have it run, when it clearly does keep running.. And not only that keeps auto restarting. 

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The auto restarting part is the most weird and astonishing fact - it also tells you they did this on purpose. It is like putting a TV in your house that not only you can't turn off, but also turns itself back on after you pull the plug off - and the only way to turn it off is to throw it out of the window.


Does anybody from the tech support ever read this? What's with the silence???? Some kind of explanation would not hurt.

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I want to exit the application in Windows 7. There is no option to do so. Close, sign out do not shut down the application.

No app should be so arrogant that it thinks it can persist. You have no idea why the app needs to be shut down. Customer presentation, audit, testing another app, reducing memory.... If no File - Exit, then Uninstall.
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I have a acer iconiatab and i simply go to settings, manage my apps and disable skype,hope this helps


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My response is to uninstall any program that overides normal 'close window' or quit requests - I hope this notion gets more exposure
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Go to Application>settings>applications>manage applications>SKYPE>FORCE STOP!

Hope this helps you!!
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In windows 7, hit control, alt, delete, Hit "task manager" on the bottom, scroll to skype.exe and select it and stop the process. A simple exit button , C-MON man!
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Having to Ctrl-Alt-Del to Quit is inane.  It is pure arrogance to not let users choose when to quit your application.   This is what we call "negative brand value."  Whenever anyone asks me what I think of Skype, I will be sure to tell them "they make it nearly impossible to exit the app" (which is true for the non-technical user.  even right-clicking on the task bar, which the old version seemed to support but the new version doesn't, was bad enough.  But to remove that option?  As someone else said, "Shame on you, Skype."

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