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How can I install Skype on an Xperia Arc without a Google account?

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Novel Tourist

I am not a Skype user but I'm trying to help a friend who wants to install it on her Xperia Arc. She doesn't want to set up an account on Google (why should she?) but she also can't install from


When she tries to install the Android Skype from getjar it fails (after a long wait) with a page not found error.  When she goes to Skype.m the page loads in Japanese. I presume this means that she has bought a foreign import phone, but that shouldn't stop her from installing Skype in English.


What she needs is to be able to download a Skype installer for Android on her PC and then transfer it to her phone. Does anyone know how to do that? Or failing that, does anyone know how to access the English version of Skype from skype.m?


Thanks in advance for any help that's offered.

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