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How can I downgrade to old Android version?

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Re: How can I downgrade to old Android version?  I have a tablet thats only running android 2.1 and the new version of skype requires android 2.2 -  So I have been told

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It works perfectly well on Defy

Cheers mate

You've made up my day

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If you are looking for an older version of Skype ie: ,try www freewarelovers . com / android / apps /skype old_versions .[ Not able to post direct links here.]Go to bottom of page & it shows all old versions.

If you uninstall your current version first,you can google the above on your phone & download it direct,then open Skype & log in.

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Everyone with the Skype 2.6 issue.

I just follow the instructions to download the 2.5 version.

it works GREAT !!!!

That was the best advise.

Go to:

http:// www freewarelovers com / android / app / skype # old_versions

and get the version.

I just intalled it, tried teh video, NO upside down video, NO freezing.

Do it.


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Hellooo...can you send me the back up??? i installed the latest version on my phone and can't opened it.
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Go to Skype old version and down load to your computer and copy to your sd card and installed be shower to stop automatic update ( apk)  

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Thank you so much i had to use the new version of skype that would crash and continue rinnging even after the call was answered along with alot of other bugs. Now i have the old version im happy with thanks again!!

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I went crazy with this "new" version. Did something similar to what u my skype back.
Thank u!!
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