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How can I downgrade to old Android version?

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OMG, this is just BAD!!!


The UI is a piece of crap. The last one wasn't great but 1000000 times better than this one

it's still buggy and not a patch on the previous version. The UI is appalling I actually hate it. The auto sign-in doesn't work, I have to enter my password each time, and it keeps reappearing in the app tray as if by black magic.

The UI sucks.  I want my old one back!

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Thanks a lot Novassoc. The older version could be installed and has started workng fine again in my X8. Thanks again


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Personal i own a small company but i guess some staff workers (might be called wiz engineers) at skype….probably get a bigger paycheck for their work as i can effort my staff,

I have skype for over 14 years now, even changed when the first windows

mobile came out...and? Yes years ago it worked.

Now recently we changed a net operator and got 17 free Samsung androids..i checked on the net if there is Skype for this OS and model...yes yes yes they said

BUT......login took around 20 min with G4 or Wifi or it just blocked my whole F phone and had to download from the market STOP SKYPE as those wizards which would all have to be fired and starting to clean cars did not even have this one...

Now with Android 2.2 i was soooooo happy a new version came out...took me 3 hours to login...and after that it said that currently my network was not ok...Grrrrrrr all was fine and even VOIPBuster worked like a sweet honey pie!


To be real guys forget Skype as they do not even show interest to erase minor bugs in the fastest rising OS in the world (cloud) Adroid

I don’t know how they got so soon 5 stars rating at Market, but sure me and lots will change this very soon!

I feel stolen, ripped off after so many years of a loyal paying customer…

Only one word for SKYPE remains: SHAME ON YOU


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Navossoc, I have been searching endlessly like the person who started this thread and like those who have acknowledged your solution! ...Just like everyone else, I too would like to say a big thank you to you.


My partner, has recently updated her Skype, but since then when we make skype-to-skype call on mobile phone, she can hear me, but I can't hear her voice at all! By the feedback and responses given to your solution Navossoc, I am assuming that others have had this or similar issues which have since been rectified.


What I wanted to ask you, was will my partner need to back up everything on her mobile phone (Sony Ericson Xperia 8) before changing Skype version?


Or is it a simple case of deleting the updated Skype completely, and then download and install the Skype v1.0.0.983?


Also, what would the process be to download and install Skype v1.0.0.983? Can my partner download it to her mobile by going to the website? or would she need to download to her laptop and then connect her phone to her laptop to transfer Skype from laptop to mobile?


Sorry to sound soooo thick, but this is very new for us both, and I really want us both to be chatting again cos the of call cards is very costly.


Please accept my apologies for my long post, but please also help me with my queries.


Kind regards,





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I had the same problem, downloaded the old version and it is just working fine tks

Do not update skype it breaks your microphone.

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DCC-Office: Could you please which network provider you are with and which Samsung phones you were trying Skype on?

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@nlj lvs neha


You simply run the dowloaded package without need to backup or uninstall the old one and that will sort it!

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Have been having many of the same problems on my my HTC Sensation but each time I have tried to uninstall the new version of skype and install the old version for some reason when I login the new version keeps kicking back in.


What do i need to do to get rid of the new version of skype which keep signing in when the phone is in lock mode and it's a complete annoyance with a variety of other minor bugs.


hopefully, there are simple instructions that will allow me to completely remove the new version and be able to successfully install the old v1.0.... 


please, please please help.

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Hey i have the same phone. if u got it fixed could tell me how u did it? Tried the google solution but im having problems opening the file..
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Hey ive tried the google solution but im having problems opening the file. could you please help me out. Thanks
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