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How can I change my ringtone?

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Yep me to, happy to pay. Default ringtone is too quiet and ruins Skype.
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I want to use skype ringtone from PC skype version. How to do that?
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Please anyone out there, its almost a year since the first request was posted... Can Skype on android at least use the same "modern" ringtone as the one for the PC????. the current SILENT mobile tone is no good, you can miss a gazzillion calls without knowing.



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id rather use groove ip at least it lets me choose the ring tone and i can make the ring tone louder 

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There is a way to change your ringtone for Skype and many other apps. There is an app called LightFlow in the Google Play Store. You have to buy the Pro version for $2.49 in order to unlock most if not ALL the ringtones for various apps.


It works for Skype....I did it (for the same reasons that other people complainted about).

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Thanks, Light Flow worked for Skype and a lot of other apps. Allows user to customize ringtowns and notifications for all apps.

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Light flow does NOT work. It only works for notifications, not ringtones. WASTED MY MONEY BECAUSE YOU SAID IT WORKED. However if someone does figure out how to get the thing to work, please post. Thanks.
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It is a terrible ringtone. Cats having sex is more desirable. It actually sounds creepy or sinister in some way.
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Many users are paying for skype number, skype credit. I think we deserve that you listen to our wishes. Yes, the original ringtone is too low. Yes, we want to customize the ringtone, just like on regular cellphones. 

I'm very happy using skype, for calls, but there are some issues, that we report, and most of the times we doesn't got any answers. That is a problem. 

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Agreed. Give option to change.
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