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How can I change my ringtone?

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How can I change my ringtone?

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Currently Skype for Android does not allow changing the ringtone.

Maybe you can also share why you want to change the ringtone? Is it too loud, too low, you don't like the sound of it?

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On my galaxy s 2.3.6 the ringtone is too quite, it is almost impossible to hear. Any way to turn up the volume ?

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because any people want to use custom melody as ringtone.
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Maybe you can suggest to Skype that they add this capability.  The default ringtone sucks ass.  A simple Google search will confirm this.  I'm assuming you serve as some type of messenger for customer feedback; it'd be great if you could make sure this problem is communicated, or at least respond back with why this feature is unavailable.

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How about choice? Freedom? I have my own Skype ringtone I want to use and I can't.

Thank you Microsoft for taking my GOD given right. CHOICE.

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The ring tone is too low I use Skype as my regular number and miss calls because of the LOW volume of the ringtone

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Same here, using Archos 101 G9 and even holding the tablet I can barely hear the ringtone
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just installed 2.7. i have just one question:


How can I change my ringtone?

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Is there any development in this issue, for me i can not hear it at all without vibration no use. Skype could even charge for this service, i will be happy to pay to get rid of this quite noise
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