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Green screen with video call

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I have the same problem with my htc Sensation.  I contacted htc and they said it was a problem between Skype and Ice Cream Sandwich that Skype has to rectify.  is that true?  I am not going to update my Asus tablet or my husband's phone with ICS until this is resolved. I hate this inconvenience not being able to use Skype video on my phone as I love Skype, and I see that this is a widespread complaint for some time now.  I just wished I had done more research before installing ics. Who will be fixing this?  Android? Skype? It seems to be a common error on many platforms.  Thanks, Marilyn

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Yup, just received a follow-up email from HTC:

"Dear Ralph Antonio .,

Good morning Ralph,

Thanks for replying to my email and leaving me with your feedback. It is greatly appreciated.

I have looked at the thread that you have posted in your previous, and there are other customers with different brands of phones running ICS that are having this issue, as well. Unfortunately, this is an issue Skype will need to resolve since we offer no support for 3rd party applications. I recommend that you contact Skype directly, show them the thread and let them be aware of this issue so they can release a software update on their end.

Thank you for your time and thanks for being part of the HTC community.

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So, it is a SKYPE issue, but they are not doing a thing about it, I guess!!! 

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Does SKYPE even respond or look at these threads?

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Where can I get Skype 2.5 ??? :bigsmile:

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Skype needs to correct this. My Bell phone tech said that this problem is widespread in Canada as well, since phones updated to ics ice cream sandwich. Its interesting that Microsoft now owns Skype. Could it be their Microsoft-ness that is dragging their feet to fix this thing because Android has issued their O.S. update? They are making a critical error by not acting on this faster. I have already been advised to use Tango, and Google talk, so the marketshare they are trying to protect by not cooperating with Android will dribble away to other video platforms. What a shame, as we really like the Skype community. It is odd that Microsofte does not understand that it is good business to update their Skype software. After all, every pc user has had to upgrade their various pieces of software after every Microsoft o.s. upgrade. If I want to skype anyone now with my phone, I have to use Tango and Google talk, and advise my network to do the same, which I would never have bothered to do before. How many months has ics been out.... at least 3 months now?? Yikes!
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Does any other brand smartphone with android 4.0 have this issue ?

I only see "HTC" in this thread. ( mine too )

I think HTC need to fix their camera driver.

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I think it is a general problem with devices using the Qualcomm Adreno 220 GPUs.


I am pretty frustrated at the moment with my Huawei Mediapad.

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I don't think so HTC need to fix it driver camer/vedio chat is perfectly working with application.I allready frustrated with green screen on Skype vedio call on my HTC sensation.Yesterday I read somewhere there is new application Tango which work perfect for vedio chat same as Skype and I tried its really working .I think this time we should give up Skype bco Skype is now belong to microsoft and android is Microsoft competitor .that's the reason Skype green screen problem is not going to fix Microsoft jealeous with Android success and for ruining android reputation Skype green screen problem are not fixing.Go and download Tango there is not any single problem for vedio chatting.
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As of right now it seems like the only solution is to root your phone, install clockworkmod recovery, and flash an openGL file to update some driver. This will all probably void all warranties but it's the only working "fix" right now. Google it up - if youre already rooted it might be a 2 minute fix.


I tried it and it fixes the green video on HTC Sensation 4G.

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Did you get the root link from XDA?please se.d us the link. Thanks!
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