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Green screen with video call

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Novel Tourist

still no luck, im still green GRRRRRRRRRRR!


HTc sensation xe - ICS


tried all mannner of updates, re installs etc.

Novel Tourist

Updated to newest version of Skype via App Store and am still green like everyone else on ICS. I have tried playing w/ settings and anything else that could be the issue but nothing works. Anyone have an update on an HTC / ICS fix?  :robotfrustrated:


HTC Vivid

ICS (Full on Updates)

AT&T Network

Wireless Network

Stock ROM

Novel Adventurer

I am having similar problems, green funny face on the other side of the call.


I am using ICS on a Huawei Mediapad. The problem started when Skype did the automatic update to the latest version. Very frustrating right now.

Casual Tourist

Same here with Sensation XE Stock-Rom ICS.


There are no problems with Tango or Google video app.

So only with skype. HTC support says it is not a firmware problem of qualcom chip what was stated by Skype officials.


Last version of Skype is very bad peace of software with a lot of side affects.

Novel Adventurer
**bleep**...i bought my new micromax funbook ics tablet....same green screen in front of my frnd...dunno wat to do:-( there any fix for this?
Novel Adventurer
some one please download
on ur phone or tablet and plz tell that it resolves the green screen bug or not ?...plz do it fast someone
Novel Adventurer

Well, I have tried the version that you've mentioned, no video at all on my 7" ICS pad.


Maybe we will need to wait for further updates. Come on Skype! (well, it is MS afterall...)

Novel Adventurer


Same problem on Sensation XE after ICS update.

Casual Adventurer

Skype has released new version  for Android, but problem with "green face"  hasn't been solved's a shame...

Novel Adventurer

I also have the HTC sensation with the latest software.  I have spoken with HTC who say that I am the only one having the problem.  I even sent them a link to a forum where people werer complaining like hell.   HTC says its Skype's problem, but the problem only started on the last upgrade.   I will be returning my phone to Vodafone shortly if I don't get some sence from either Skype or HTC.


Alo to latest uypgrade is bloody slow in responding to tounch!   My brother just bought the Galaxy - much much better phone......