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Green Screen!!! :(

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I'm trying to Skype with my Mom. She just got a new Acer Tablet and she can see me and she can see herself, but I only see a green screen for her! Someone please help us! I think it might be her device, but any tips would be very helpful!


Thanks! Alanna

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‎28-08-2015 11:00
Please update to the latest Skype 2.9 for Android which should fix the green video for most users with the latest firmware:

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Just chiming in to say i have the same exact problem. Just got a Asus Traansformer Prime and it seems to only transmit a green screen. I can see myself on the tablet and switch cameras.

I confirmed it was the tablet and tried it with various devices (iPad, Macbook, Windows PC). The three devices could video skype with each other but only got the green screen with the Asus Tablet app.
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This seems to be a problem for many of us. I purchased 4 acer iconias for christmas. It seems to be doing this on all of them. I got one to work then it stopped working. Im not sure whats going on but it cant be all the tablets. im thinking somethings wrong with skype especially since i had one working but t didnt last. i did all system updates like others suggested but it didnt help me, any other ideas?


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also i wanted to add that the one that is working has not done an update seems maybe the updates have a bug in them?? not sure if its coincidence though

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I have he same problem using my Android tablet but mine is a Toshiba Thrive.  I also can't fine the tools menu that I have on my Win 7 laptop, which works just great by the way.  It must have something to do with Android and Skype.  Hope someone figures it out soon.

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ok i fixed it!!!!!!! yay!!! i did a system update and thought when that didnt work i was just out of luck. however a few seconds later i checked again and another system update was there. so keep updating system updates until you see no more available then a really long update finally fixed it and now i have no more available updates left and skype works fine

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im with ya, updating now on my acer iconiato see what happens
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by system update did you mean a Skype update? 


we are having the same problem with our Toshiba Thrive.



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have you received any more info on this issue. i also have a new thrive and a green screen problem

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Good that it worked for you, but didn't work for me. I did all the updates I was prompted to and still have the green screen Actually, my tablet sends a green screen to the other Skype user, but I can see myself fine. I've changed from front camera to back and the other user is still seeing all green. I tried 2 different users and they both saw nothing but green. Definitely the problem is the video sent by the tablet.


Acer Iconia A500 running 4.040.13_COM_GEN2

Android 3.1




This is un update of my previous post. The user who said that you need to go through all the updates was right. My tablet kept dowloading update after update for the first week to 10 days and after the very last update, the green screen was gone. It got to a point in which I thought that I had gone through the latest update, but again there was one more availbale. 1/25/12

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