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Green Screen on when using Skype App Acer Iconia A500

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I just  bought an Acert Iconia A500 Tablet and downloaded the Skype app from Acer's App Marketplace.  When I skype with my son on his laptop, I can see him on the tablet, but on his laptop, he only got a green screen.  I know the camera on my tablet is working because I can see myself on the tablet's screen.  I also can see video of my son on his laptop, ON THE TABLET.  The sound is also working.  The only problem is that my son cannot see me on his laptop.  He only sees a green screen.  We thought it might be his laptop, so I took my laptop and skyped him and both laptops worked perfectly;  therefore, it must be the Skype app on the tablet.


I checked the video setting on the Skype app on the tablet and it is turned on.


Can I get some help?

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Oh wow, this is EXACTLY what is happening with my Mom and I! She also just got an Acer Tablet! I JUST posted a thread about this a minute ago lol...have you found an answer yet?

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Same thing with Toshiba thrive. Worked just fine until I did an update on December 13th. Now I can see my image on tablet so I know that my camera is working just fine but person on other end of call see only green screen. So frustrating. Wish I had never updated. Can someone please help us
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Ditto.   Acer iconia A500 transmits a green screen to the laptop.  :-(

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Hey Guys,


I have had the same problem as you but have upgraded to system firmware to Android 3.2 Kernel Version and all seems to be working now.


Go to settings, choose about tablet, sytem upgrade and check for updates.:bigsmile:

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or as an alternate, you can install the version that was working untill the last app update. for me, version had been working.


uninstall app from market.

find, download and install version above. i found today at


good luck!

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Oh wow again, this is EXACTLY what is happening with us! We also just got an Acer Tablet and I am updating the firmware right now and I let you know how it goes.

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It is fixed now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Ok I just tried what I read on other forums and uninstalling the newest vers., and going back to vers. finally solved the problem, now I can send and receive video again, no more green screen.


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i went to this website but i couldnt find out how to download it . it was basically a website with jus the information about it ! heeellllllppp mmmmmeeee!!!(((((((


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