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Ghost Messaging

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Novel Adventurer

I received a notification for a new Skype message, I was able to read the message but my phone timed out when I got distracted, going back into Skype the message wasn't within the history. I've logged out numerous times, even restarted my phone but I still can't find that message. I've tried looking via Skype off my laptop but it only shows my reply. I understand that a user can delete a message but it was just over a minute between when I first viewed it via notification. Also messages I've sent previously still show as 'Pending', though if I've viewed a message from that User then previous messengers should show a time stamp. (correct?!) 

I'm not sure if I've done something wrong, or if there's a bug in my system or something?!

Quite confunded

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Novel Adventurer

Message finally showed up in history - it was posted on Tuesday, it showed up (again) today Friday when the user was logged in. It obviously wasn't deleted and was timed stamped at its initial posting, but what is up with the 3day time lag. If I was able to view the message when it was first sent, it shouldn't be dependent on the sender being logged in again to record upon message history.

Major bug?!

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