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Galaxy tab 3 videocall is not working

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 (GT-P5210) w/ stock Android 4.2.2 & WiFi (home network), Skype v3.2.0.6673


Videocall is not working. Soundcall works fine, but video does not. Icon for videocall does not even appear. But videocalls work with other applications with the same device.



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I have the same problem on the GT-P5210. The "enable video calls" check box is grayed out in the settings. I can click on it and get a dialog box saying "Enabling video chats", but after that dialog is gone the setting is still not activated.

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What the hell is happening with skype I have a samsung galaxy tab 3 is the problem...
1st time when you run skype video works fine the moment you sign out or just after the first skype video cannot use the video feature again...
the solution is to uninstall skype and reinstall again to be able to do one video call once again.... can anyone at skype give us some feedback how to solve that issue or when will a hotfix be available

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Having same problem works once, then when you turn off tablet video is greyed out
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I have just made a purchase of a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 (GT-P5210)


After a bit of a wait it downloads and it appears sort of normal BUT I have no way of being able to LOG OFF


While the download was in progress a message appeared stating that my video calls would NOT be clear, and that Skype were working on the problem with regards to getting my particular tablet model recognized, and they were working on the matter...a couple of days ago I had the Tab 2 which did work with Skype, but took it back and decided to buy the tab 3 instead ...of which it appears does not work with Skype



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I have the same issue on my tab. I've got the same version. I really need this resolved (((
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Video calling is not supported on my tab3 gt-p5210
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Glad to hear I'm not the only one with this problem. I did the setup for my parents tablet, then for no reason the icon for video calling has disappeared, and I blamed my parents for that thinking they tinkered with the device. How come this has not been solved yet by Skype? Unless this is a Samsung related problem...they might blame it on each other and do nothing about it...what a shame...

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I have also galaxt tab 3 10.1 p 5210 and having same problem video calling working but what's the solution of that
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Same here with Tab 3 10.1, and it looks like it should skype problem? As tab3 should meet all the hardware and software requirement with skype. But no solution yet from Skype???


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