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No video calling on ICS might be a dealbreaker for me as far as the Galaxy Nexus goes.  I've been eagerly waiting for Verizon to announce a date on the CDMA version so that I can upgrade from my original Motorola Droid, but I use Skype to spot check my dogs (have a foster dog with separation anxiety).  With the Droid, I can monitor them through my laptop web cam, and it doesn't matter that they can't see me - anxious dog calms down as soon as he hears my voice.   So, I need at least video to the phone, even if video from the phone doesn't work yet.


Does anyone have a feel for when an ICS-compatible version of Skype might be released?  If it's unlikely to be in the near future, I'll stop waiting and just go with the HTC Rezound, which I've tried and liked.  

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I can skype on my Samsung Galaxy Nexus, I can see the other caller (usually calling PC) and hear them clearly. They can hear me but just can't see me as the phone hasnt been certified by Skype yet. Adobe are promising a flash update by the end of December and I'd hope Skype aren't far behind.

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Got Skype 2.5 yesterday and installed on my new Galaxy Nexus (ICS 4.01).


Called my iPhone and front facing video call was fine, the main issue is that its in landscape mode only, not portrait.


Anyone else experiencing this and know the likelyhood of a fix?

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What version of Skype are you running?

Version doesn't allow me to transmit my video by I can receive other people's video.
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The latest version from the app store
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Looks like Skype must have made a server side fix. Video works but only in landscape, otherwise the other guy shows up on their side.
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Same problem on my Galaxy Nexus - video doesnt work

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same here, i have Galaxy Nexus and video calling is not supported. Hopefully we get it ASAP
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Try to initiate another skype call. Myself along with many others were unsuccessful the first attempt but now the video works.
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New version of Skype just released,, on Android Market. Still doesn't allow video in portrait mode on Galaxy Nexus with Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.1
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