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Enlarge font size

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Casual Tourist

I would like to enlarge the font size of my chats.

I installed skype for android on a galaxy tab 10.1. The font size in the chat is really small, although the screen is really big. I found no settings to adjust the font size.

Thanks for help!

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Novel Adventurer

3 point 

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Novel Adventurer

Is this 12 point

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Casual Tourist

Hi Thankjs for your message but how do i open it ?//

The problem i am having it that when I open Skype home page it is about Font size 6 and around 14 for my chat and messages it is just the home page i cannot reset ...any ideas   thankes   12Langho

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Did you get an answer to this question? I still cant change the font size on my Galaxy 10.1.
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Novel Adventurer

   Get “Big Font” [Market Link] from Google Play


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Novel Tourist

On a normal Windows7 laptop I have the same problem reading Skype. The characters are too small and I am not able to find out how to increrase the fontt of all of it. is there any help for me ?

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