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Downloading new skype for Android Tablet

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Novel Adventurer
When I try to download appear a error aboit insufficient space, please help!!!!!
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Community Manager Emeritus
Skype has no influence on the Android Market app's download behaviour. You can check with other apps to see if you see the same.

Regarding the "insufficient space" error message when download please see answer 2) here in the FAQ:

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Novel Adventurer

I'm also getting this error message on my Samsung Tab P1000 Android 2.2v??


Not had any luck with Skype since they had the 2.00 update.


Where can I get the old 1v from?  At least I had voice on that edition!

Casual Tourist
Even I am getting the same error " Insufficient Space" when I try downloading Skype on my Galaxy Tab GT-P1000 FROYO 2.2v. I have more than 12 MB Internal Space in addition to my 2 GB external memory. Can I get some help urgently?
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Hey guys,

Can u plz provide me the location to download skype for android tablet. I am searching for the .apk file.

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Is there any help for galaxy tab Skype option or not? I can't download it via market. There is no insufficient space it says. I have 12 gb free space.
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skype 2 eats 25 Mb of internal storage (not sdcard!). And you cannot make voice call with skype 2, because there is proximity bug, which cause sound choppy and disconnect when you take phone closer to ear.
Just look for older version, sype 1 require small amount of memory, and proximity bug is missing from it. And you can unload skype from memory without uninstall. (uninstall is a single way for skype 2)
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Everyone appears to be asking the same question, but from what I can see there have no replies from Skype!!!   Why is this???


Let me put a definitive question to the guys at Skype.   I have an Asus EE Transformer with Skype currently installed.   I can not get video on the Tablet using Skype.....Is there an app that will give me Skype Video or not?   If not, do Skype have intentions of releasing such a thing and if so when???


Given that Skype can not or will not release a version allowing for video on an Android tablet, can anyone suggest a program that will allow for video??


Thanking you all in advance.



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A lot of new tablets including the Asus EE Transformer have come out with a tegra 2 chip which is a processor and a video card in one. Unfortunatley Skype have neglected to stay up to date with this choosing to only keep up with Apple's technology. There has been no commitment by Skype to rectify this, but I am hopeful that they will become aware of their programs short comings and put a ittle effort into apealling to all their users. There are alternatives out there that will work with all your tablets including google talk. It is interesting to hear Skype version 1 is working on some tablets, I have not heard of this and will look into it.
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I have just seen a quote from the Skype on this subject -

"We are excited that NVIDIA has leveraged SkypeKit to build a reference implementation of HD video calling on Android Tablets. In the near future, consumers will be able to make video calls from their Tegra-powered Tablets to anyone else using Skype, whether it’s on a PC, Mac, TVs, or phones.” - Manrique Brenes, Director of Business Development at Skype

It also appears that NVIDIA had alot to do with Skype not being able to work with the tegra 2 chip, (Eating a bit of humble pie right now). But it does show that these forums are a great way of reaching Skype.
Novel Tourist
Yes yahoo messenger works good on the gtablet
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