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Download Skype for Galaxy Note (Android) in China

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I am living in China and I bought a Galaxy Note here with Android. I got a VPN account to access Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc., and everything is working fine, except Skype, which I really cannot download. At Google Play website a message shows up: "This item isn't available in your country". However, a friend of mine got a Galaxy SII here and he could download and install Skype on his mobile easily.


Does someone knows what can be done?

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If you are unable to download the application from the Android Market (Play store), Skype for Android is available for free at the following address:

I recommend a search for your problem and to download the latest Skype.
To get the most out of Skype I recommend Skype Premium.
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I did it, but the file I have downloaded is "". Also Android blocked this file because it is not trustfull.


What do you recomend me to do?

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Hi, did this end up working for you in China?
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Hey guys, I'm in China too right now and experienced this problem. When I accessed Google Play on the android phone itself, I could never find Skype let alone install it. I just got around it though.


What you can do is to open your computer browser using your VPN, google "skype android" or whatever it is and get to Google Play's Skype page (on your computer internet browser, that is, NOT on your android phone). Make sure you're logged into the google account that you use on your android phone. Then click the "Install" button. After a few seconds, your phone should begin the installation of Skype.

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The great firewall of China even blocks VPNs proxy servers.
I am surviving without them, but I don't use twitter or facebook.
If you follow this advice without having a VPN, the google "Skype Android" search results are still lacking the real Skype application itself. You could try removing your Chinese SIM card which means using Wifi, which may also be re-directing you to the dodgy Chinese TOM Skype site.

I found this link and am downloading it now. TIC (This is China!)
www.[removed for privacy]2_Skype_1.0.0.659.apk

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