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Does Skype work on a Samsung Galaxy Mini?

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I would like to know if Skype would run in a Samsung Galaxy Mini using Android 2.2

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Hello. Yes it does. You should be able to use it for calling (Skype-to-Skype), IM, SMS, etc. However you should not be able to make video calls. You can download the app directly from the Android Market.

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Thanks a lot for your comment! Really appreciated.

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you will be able to install it but it does not login to the server !

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Same issue here too. What's up with that? Is there a way to fix it?

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the skype is workiing but the video why doesn't work in galaxy mini S5570 ?? please help me

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I got the same question everyone else asking. Why make an app that doesnt fully work??
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same question i wana know!
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I have skype app installed on my Samsung galaxy mini. It looked like working at first, found my contacts. Trouble is that I can't send IM messages simply because there is no "send" to click on. Any suggestions please?

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Hi  i am trying to re install Skype on my Samsung Mini butafter I had to reset the phone  All the links I can find seem to be taking me via a Google site and are insisting on me identifying myself with a google ID and password  Why?  Alternatively, can you advise of a site that gets around this



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