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Do Skype Calls Cost Money?

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I have a friend who has Verizon Wireless as her cell phone service provider and she uses Skype to chat with me while I am on my computer.  My question is if she was to call out and do a Skype call to my computer, would it cost her money?  If so, how much?

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Skype to Skype calls are free,whether it's comp to mobile, comp. or Skype mobile to Skype mobile.Costs only applicable when you dial a phone no.

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Do you know or where I could find out what is the cost of Skype phone to land line or mobile And if someone phones to the skype phone and you are not at the computer but have forwarding option what is the charge????

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At the navigation bar on the top of, hover your mouse over the "Prices" tab and from the drop down list, choose "Pay As You Go."


Once there, you can type in the destination country (where you are calling) to see the price per minute rates as well as price per month rate. Don't quote me on this, but I believe the cost is consistent wherever you are calling from.


Receiving calls is the same as outlined under your mobile plans. In other words, you pay the same as you would when you receive a regular phone call.


I've wanted to attach a link to the pay as you go page for quick access, but the forum, by default, does not let me. I hope my explanation was thorough enough.





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What if it is Skype mobile to comp or comp to Skype mobile? Does it cost anything? And what if you are skypeing from Canada to Ireland? Dose that cost anything?
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Yes, it is a little tricky to understand what is free and what is charged using Skype.

The first thing to understand is that Skype to Skype is free.

This Skype to Skype feature calling is your Skype (your user name on Skype) making a

call to another person (or group) on their Skype.

Also, vice versa, another person (or group) using their Skype to call your Skype is free too.


Note 1, You can make a free Skype to Skype call on any device that has Skype, such as a computer with Skype, a mobile phone with a Skype App, a mobile/Wifi capable tablet device, or a Smart TV with Skype and internet connection.


Note 2.  The only cost that may (or may not) occur is the cost to have internet and/or to access the internet, as you need internet to enable Skype to connect.  On a mobile phone, Skype uses an internet connection, by 3G or 4G mobile data or a mobile Wifi connection.

Apart from getting an internet connection (which the internet connection may be a charge), there is no cost from Skype, to make your free Skype to Skype call.


Note 3.  The Skype calls that do have charges, are usually the calls from your Skype when you call a telephone number (landline or mobile), or to your Skype when a telephone number (landline or mobile) calls your Skype . . . .  and . . . . to be able to call your Skype from another telephone, you need to purchase a Skype Online Number (a special phone number from Skype in your country, if your country is supported by Skype Online Number offering).


I hope this helps to understand.



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HI !

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Ive been trying to ring from the UK to Canada, ive tryed ringing from my mobile app and my computer but everytime I ring it says it has not been possible to connect my call anyone know what this means?

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hello there,

                i just read your post and the reason is that i was just charged $30 each month for calls which i didnt make and it was from computer to computer and iphone 4 to ipod touch 4th gen over wifi, so why am i being charged now? i only started being charged 3 months ago. and now because of this my parents are putting restrictions on my ipod and delteing the app. so pleaseee tell me why i am being charged when really i shouldnt even be getting charged fo rnay of this.


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if the person whom you wish to talk to is online, it is my understanding that it doesn't cost anything to call skype to skype. otherwise there are different ways to buy skype credits, they also have different packages to me the best one is the premium package as it is unlimited calling. check it out here    

which will explain everything, sorry but it took me all night just to figure everything out as to how to even call someone lol. right now the premimum package has a deal that you can try it for 30 days and cancel it after 27 if you don't want it. hope this helps

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