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Deleting IM messages from android

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I have skype on my HTC Incredible S, and can't seem to delete the IM messages from skype. I have tried Recent/IM/Clear events but that doesn't work. Does anyone know how? thanks, Rachel

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Hello, i have the same question. Old conversations won't go away. How do you delete your history like you can on your computer Skype???? Very frustrating!

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I'm deleting the app from my phone until this issue is's a matter of privacy. I have to be able to control the history in the app or I don't want to use it...or buy more skype credit, use credit...get me Skype?


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Go to the IM/Message in events hold finger on the message then select close it will delete the message . Works for my Droid Incredible 2 hope this helps
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I have the same issue.  I use a Driod X and no matter what I do, I can not remove the mobile history.  I have read WAY TO MANY forums and this is reidculous that it is this difficult.


I have:

  1. Manage Applications > Clear Data - While this does clear the Skype settings, as soon as I log in again the history comes back
  2. Clear Chat history from computer.  - I've done this more times than I can count
  3. Remove application from phone and reinstall.  - I removed the default Skype app from my phone rebooted, reinstalled, logged in and guess what..... HERE COMES THE CHAT HISTORY.

Now that I have reloaded the app I do see that I now have the option to delete what I have said, one item at a time, but I can not delete the entire conversation and I can't delete what the other person says.


I just can't believe that no one has a worked around developed for this basic operation yet.  PLEASE Help

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Ok.  I think I figured it out. 

1. Go on your computer, Install skype on it if you don't have it on there already.

2. Close skype on your phone. (sign out)


3. Log into skype on your computer.


4. Open the "Tools" menu at the top and hit options. 


5. Click on the Privacy button on the left once the tools menu opens. 

(Note:  You can do the same thing by going to the Skype menu at the top menu bar and choosing "Privacy".)


6. Highlight Privacy settings on the left if it's not already highlighted by default.


There's a section called "Allow IMs from..." and next to it is "Keep History for" with a button near that which says "Clear History".


7. Now, I chose to keep history for "no history" and then I clicked the Clear History button.  I said yes (deletes ALL history, not just one conversation).


8.  Then I clicked on the Save button at the bottom of the "Skype - Options" window.



Then, on your phone:


1. Go to "Manage Applications"


2. Choose "All" at the top. 


3. Scroll down to Skype and click on it.


4. Now, I clicked on "Clear Data" and also "Clear Cache".  My gut tells me I probably didn't have to "Clear Data", but I did anyway because I tried several different combinations of things before.  So maybe you can first try it with just choosing "Clear Cache".  Because if you "Clear Data", it will force you to fill in your username and password again and ask you to agree to the end user license agreement and what not. 


But, anyway, hit Clear Data AND Clear Cache if simply clearing cache doesn't work.


5. Reboot your phone!!!  This is the one major step that seemed to finally do the trick.


(Note:  While my phone was rebooting, I also went back to my PC and cleared history once more while the phone was in a reboot state.)


6. Open Skype. 


7. If you chose to "clear data, enter your username and password. 


8. Accept the EULA (end user license agreement)". 


9. Choose your Sync option when presented. 


10.  Then go to your contacts, open a contact that you had history with and see if it's still there. 


Another thing to note is that, prior to performing those steps, I also went to my Droid's settings, Privacy Settings, and unchecked "Automatic Restore" which, if I reinstall an application, it will restore backed up settings or other data.  There's an option for "Back up my data" there, which backs up app data to google servers. 


I'm on a Droid Incredible 2 and I de-Verizoned it by rooting and installing cyanogen mod 7 onto it! 1337h4x0rw00tw00t

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Open Skype>click Menu>click Setting>Click Sync contacts>Click Don't Sync>Click Continue...Done!

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Thanks, I have a Galaxy S II and this is the only thing that works. Definitely we have to clear data and clear cache in order to work. It seems ridiculous that every time we need to delete the history we have to run all this steps instead to just have a configuration option as in the computer or the app for ipad
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Didn't work for me. I had no "cache" to delete (I had the option, but there was no memory there to delete), not sure what that means for me. Clearing the data worked at first, but someone messaged me and it brought back all of our conversation. As a paranoid person, this bugs me, and I'm uninstalling the app until there is a solution. I use a Samsung Galaxy SII LTE. I loved everything else about it though, very fast, and almost glitch free.

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Awesome. Thanks heaps.
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