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Default dialer or skype for making a call HTC Desire

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Casual Adventurer

Skype took over my phone and I am not given the option to use my mobile provider, Skype is default every time; although I had set up the option to "ask every time".


I force stopped Skype, but when I made a new call, Skype rebooted, so only way to solve the problem is to uninstall Skype from my phone. 


And this does not really "solve" the problem because it was not my intention to throw the baby out with the bath water, but Skype gives me no other choice.


Using Sam GSIII / Android 4.04

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Casual Adventurer

Yes Skype took over my phone too. Can't find this post 138830 you are referring to.

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Casual Adventurer

OK the problem is fixed. Two ways to fix it: Uninstall and reinstall Skype and on first call phone menu will ask which one to set as default (Unfortunately there is not a 3rd option to make neither one default. Every time you want to make a call it will ask which one to set as default every single time if you have left it unchecked which is what I have done here; this is an annoyance which may be a fault with Android.)


The other method is to go into App manager and then to Skype and scroll down the settings and clear the default setting, but you will still face the annoyance mentioned above. Hope this helps.

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Novel Tourist
Great advice, thanks! It worked for me!
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