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[Crackling/static noise video calls and voice calls Samsung Galaxy Nexus]

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Hi Skype Support Network,

When I make video calls and phone calls with Skype there is a crackling/static noise on the line, which is very annoying/distracting.

  • This crackling/static noise comes and goes, there is no clear pattern to it.
  • The other side of the conversation does not hear the crackling/static noise, it's only on my side.
  • This crackling/static noise is present on the headphone, ear speaker, and general speaker on the phone.
  • When making regular cellular phone calls or when using Google Voice this crackling/static noise is not present.

Anybody else experiencing a similar issue with the sound of Skype?

Any idea what might cause this crackling/static noise and what might be done about it?



Phone specs: Samsung Galaxy Nexus (JOP40C) with stock Android 4.2 & WiFi (home/office network) & Net10/ATT, Skype v3.0.0.6181

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Novel Tourist

I'm having the same problem and I see no one has answered you yet.   Sometimes it sounds like water or a little mouse nawing too.   Is this the same for you?


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Novel Adventurer

Seems to be a problem with recent version of Skype.  I fixed via the following.

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Novel Tourist

I have basically the same problem but it quiets down everytime someone talks or makes a noise besides myself, It starts getting lowder and lowder when they do not talk but this static noise is very obnoxious.

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Novel Tourist

My friend has this problem too with his Droid.  He discovered that if he initiates the call, he doesn't get the static.  If he is called or added to a call, then the static comes back.  So try being the one who starts the call.  Hope it helps!

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Novel Tourist

I have the same problem and is really very annoying. I even downloaded Skype to my ipad and it does the same thing. It can go for 30 - 40 seconds and then the static hits in for a minute or so and then clear again and then the static again.We have had a lot of rain recently and was wondering if water could be the problem. Can anyone help ???

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