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Changing profile / user on Android Tablet

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I bought a touchtab2 at Christmas - all is going well but I have a problem with Skype. 
This android was for my daughter but at the start I signed onto my own skype name and since then we cannot change the user so we are stuck with my profile. I use Skype at work and all my information including contact names and conversations are obviously popping up on my daughter's tablet.
Can I uninstall skype or at least change the user profile?
Your help would be appreciated.
Barrie Brown
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I have the same problem. It may be worth trying to uninstall from a PC.

Good luck
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you both should be able to sign out as you exit Skype (see the sign out icon in top right corner of the main screen), which should present the login screen when Skype is next started -- uninstall/re-install should not be necessary


N.B. the option to 'Exit and sign me in when Skype starts' should NOT be ticked -- otherwise you won't see the login screen when Skype is next started


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Thank you. it worked, although on my tablet I had to click on the name on the left of the screen , this opened the profile box where I could sign out.


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I don't have such possibility on my android skype. I can only sign out, but no possibility to change username like on PC.
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Got the same problem.


Basically you need to go settings > untick the sign in automatically > sign out >> enter your new username and password.

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First of all open skype and go to options and untick the firs "sign in automaticaly "
And the close the skype and open again
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Thanks. After struggling for ages after entering the wrong name on Android, this post rescued me within seconds.
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I want to change my skype name using my mobile phone..
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After following KevinKurniawan's instructions i managed to change my account.

Thanks and Kudos

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