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Certified Android mobile phones

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Novel Tourist

Ok, im not a techy and I'm over you can see my problem.


I'm trying to find an answer to something that keeps on appearing everywhere I look, but never has an answer..can anyone help?


The question is this. If I am buying an Android phone with the specific intention of using itb to make Skype enabled video calls, which mobile phones are 'Certified'.


Everywhere I look it says providing the phone is an Android with OS version 2.2 ( for backfacing camera only ) or OS version 2.3 with forwarding facing and backward facing camers ( how would you make a video call without a forward camera I ponder?) I should be ok, although there might be problems if the mobile is not on the 'certified list'...but can i find a copy of this certified list anywhere? No!


I'm in the UK and use 3 mobile as my provider.


Any help anyone?????

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