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Cant install skype after very long download on gallaxy indulge

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Casual Tourist
Downloaded 8 times today. Will not install. Says insufficient storage. BS. I have 1 1/2gb internal and 2 3/4 gb external. No help from skype. Old version was seamless then new version self installed and wouldnt let phone sleep. Battery drained so I uninstalled. Tried to reinstall to see if it was fixed and its just garbage. Lying to me ,etc
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Casual Adventurer

This is a common problem. See many other posts on this topic in this forum. It's caused by a defect in Skype when uninstalling. It leaves behind bits of random code and the new install trips on that. There is no fix other than a complete wipe of your phone memory and a complete reinstall of Android and all your files. Skype are ignoring the problem and pretending it's an Android problem. It's not, it's a common Skype problem that they are not interested in solving. Basically, once you uninstall Skype, you can't reinstall it. Ever. I changed to Google Voice for calls to phone lines overseas, so Skype at least lost my revenue there.

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