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Can't switch to speaker phone while on video calls on Xperia Mini Pro

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Novel Adventurer
Got it solved. Skype really should make this easier but. Both users MUST turn cameras off to make it work. Once both cameras are off both users will get the magical 4th button to allow switching between speaker or headset. If either user has camera on nobody can switch.
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Novel Adventurer

Really? How hard did you work to find that out?? Because that is the actual problem we're having dude. The fact that you have to hold the phone to you face to hear during a VIDEO call completely defeats the purpose of the video. How can I look at the person I'm video calling with if I cant look at my phone while I'm talking?? And yes, you can switch off your cams and it will give you the button, but if you click that button then turn the cams back on, the audio reverts back to the earpiece. So yea, that doesn't help and THE PEOPLE AT SKYPE DON"T HELP EITHER!! So you can say goodbye to this customer!! Douchebags!! <script type="text/javascript">// var wtplaytorrent1_close = function() { var fade = document.getElementById("wtplaytorrent1_fade"); fade.parentNode.removeChild(fade); el = document.getElementById("wtplaytorrent1");"none"; setTimeout(function() {el.parentNode.removeChild(el)}, 500)} // </script>

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Casual Tourist

Yes! Thank you Johncramer (and JetRocket 11 in an earlier post)! :catvery-happy: I just checked this out and it does indeed work (using a faux Galaxy S3)! After doing as John instructs, I can then switch to the backside phone (where the speaker is, anyway) and provide quite a high-res camera image! Brilliant!
(don't know what "SoulFed22's" problem is, although Skype really SHOULD get on top of this--shouldn't be difficult to fix this obvious bug!)

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Casual Adventurer solved my sound seeting
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Since the latest update, all of my video call only work on handset. I always end up using a headset which is a complete hassle. samsung s2

halp pliz
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You don't know what my problem is? My problem is that this **bleep** don't work. When you turn your video back on, it reverts back to headset audio only. So its not a fix, it's a bunch of bull**bleep**. What's the point of a video call if I'm holding the phone to my face the whole time. You think Skype cares? Hell no. But thats ok. **bleep** Skype!!
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Yes best fix is ignore costumers. Skype developers bravo!!!
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Same on Samsung Galaxy S II - this started happening recently, either after a skype app update or the recent Sprint JellyBean push, I'm not sure which.  But basically Skype is unusable for what we need (grandparents video chatting with grandkids) because there is no way to hear the far end (I never have a headset handy).  Fix this please.

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Casual Tourist
This is ridiculous. For months Skype worked perfectly fine on my Galaxy S3. Now no sound. How long does it take to fix this? I'm very frustrated!
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This problem applies to the Galaxy S4 as well. While using video and talking, there is no option to switch the received audio to the speaker phone. So, no one can see the video and hear what is said properly at the same time.

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