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Can't reinstall Skype of Samsung Galaxy S

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I have the same problem others have mentioned. After installing Skype, the phone was redirecting all of my outgoing calls through Skype (and charging me by the minute). I couldn't figure out how to disable the re-direct so I made the mistake of uninstalling Skype and now I can't reinstall it. Help!

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I have had the same problem and cannot find a solution anywhere.  Skype - please help out here there are a lot of us with this problem.

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I have the exact same problem with my Galaxy Gio. Skype suddenly became my default dial-out, couldn't turn it off so I deleted it. Now I can't reinstall it - every time I try my phone crashes and shuts down. Help?!?

Novel Adventurer
same ptoblem here too. samsung galaxy s v2.2. alot of people seem to have this problem???
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Could someone consult on this problem? The same here...

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I have the same problem with the Infuse. I had an upside down video after an update and someone mentioned that reinstalling skype solved the issue. However, it freezes upon install and I have to take the battery out. I read something about deleting the /data/data/ folder. It seems that I can cd into the directory with adb but I cannot read the content and much less delete it without root access. Yes, my phone is *not* rooted.

I was looking for the package file (.apk) to see if I could try to install it through the debugger interface but didn't find it.

Support offered that I download/install it through but they want me to install their (3rd party) app so I refused.

Now I wish I hadn't reinstalled. Upside down video was better than nothing.

On the other hand, if you wish to root your phone, you can probably delete that directory.

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I can confirm that upon rooting such a phone, you can delete the directory AND install the app properly from the market. I'm not sure rooting the phone is the most viable solution, but if anyone has a rooted phone, here's a solution for you =)
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Jaws, I haven't rooted a phone but am getting desperate with this whole situation. Any advice on a safe way to do it and solve this problem?
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