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Can't disable notification sound on my Samsung Galaxy S2

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After updating Skype to the last version ( I faced a problem with being unable to turn off Skype notifications sounds. Checkbox "Notification sounds"is empty, but I am still getting sound notifications. I either can turn all notifications completely (including new message icon, etc) either I have all of them on. 


Hopefully you can help me, this sound is really annoying. 



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I am having the same issue here and would like help and feedback.. though from what i have read on here i should not expect much help especially knowing that people had to wait more than 4 months to get a response from skype developers.. Anyways.. here is what i did:


Went to the application manager and disabled the notification in skype app in the app manager. then loged in to skype and in the setting i disabled all notifications and then went out of the program but still when someone is massaging me or calling me the notification sounds. I am very disappointed.


I did a restart and tried many things but nothing works. the notification sounds are still there even though i have disabled them everywhere.


Skype support.. please help resolve this 

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Having the same problem, can't fix it. Uninstalling until the problem is resolved.

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Same here, really annoying...

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Same here.


Come on Skype, a simple bug fix.

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I am having the same issue with Galaxy S4.
I have gone into Skype settings - kept the notifications enabled however disabled notification sounds.
However I am still getting that Skype 'Bleep' every time I get a message through.

VERY annoying.


Premium Business Account user here - Skype fix this ASAP please.

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Just FYI, it also keeps notifying even if you turn ALL notifications off.

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Having this problem too.


What's crazy is that I get the notification sound - with NO visual notification or alert - then I open the Skype app and it asks me to sign in. How can it know when to alert me if I am not signed in?


So this must mean it's signed in in the background (which means when I do sign in with the app, it's signed in twice?) - sounds like a big waste of resources, not to mention an awful user experience.


I have just tried going to Settings > Accounts > Skype > Remove Account - I will report back if that works.

EDIT: The above had no effect. Uninstalling until fixed.

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Having the same problem on my Nexus 5. Seeing as it's been an issue for over two months, I guess uninstalling Skype is the only viable option here. Guess you need an iPhone to get customer support.

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Still an issue on my galaxy S2

Android 4.1.2

Skype Settings->Notifications set to OFF


A very annoying bug, I'll probably just uninstall the app if it's not fixed soon.


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