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Call Failure-Android latest version

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Since installing the latest Skype version onto my Android phone, i cant make any voice call or video call over the phone its has stopped unexpectedly while answering.  I have reinstalled Skype about 10 times now, and still that same problem presisting.  The previous version of Skype worked great on the Android. please fix it asap

Note: am using it in uae

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I have the same issue on my Nexus 4 using Skype 4. I have Skype premium, i.e. I *pay* Skype every month yet I cannot reliably use their services. Skype for Android has never been a bug free experience ("force quit" is my favourite Skype Android feature) but it is particularly frustrating to  update to the latest version only to see a critical function (calling phones internationally) break. It seems that Skype simply cannot manage to get a working version out and I would absolutely expect more from Microsoft.

Former Staff
have you updated to the latest version which was released a few days ago (26th of July)?
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thanx Skype this issue solved & thanx a lot


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I have the same problem in new version I cant make video call its stoping himself after a minute plz fix my issue
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I have the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system (Sony Xperia SP) and whenever try to make a skype call it immediately fails. The message shows busy and the call drops. Does this mean that skype calls do not work on Android 4.1? Any clear and time-saving answer from the skype team would be appreciated. My phone works perfectly fine with any other call/video call aplications such as Google+.  

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I have problem skyp when I call my friends skyp fail
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how did they fix the issue. iam am having the same problem.

what are the steps

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me too! since updating all calls fail after a couple rings?!

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Since the latest update skype doesn't work on my samsung galaxy s4. Please fix it and I'll be happy again
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