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Bluetooth support

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Novel Tourist
Will there be any bluetooth support soon?
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Casual Adventurer

All my phone time is while driving - this is a must have feature for me.

If you'll implement Bluetooth for Android, I would use Skype 10x more

Casual Adventurer

Is there a bluetooth that allows voice dialing with Skype?

I was looking at the Jawbone Era and it seemed like that product might allow its flash memory to input numbers to dial...but I dont know if Skype would know to dial the number automatically.


I have scoured the internet and cannot come up with relevant answers on this subject.  Help me Obiwan Knobi...Help me...


Novel Adventurer

This is ridiculous that Skype does not support bluetooth. Absolutely ridiculous. I was about to give up on Skype waiting for video support for EVO, very excited about it, and now find out my bluetooth isn't supported, I am just shocked at this. what a bunch of crap. 

I'm uninstalling Skype, screw this. Gone, gone, gone. You poeple just take too long to get straight.

Routine Adventurer
Come on Skype ... what is the deal with Bluetooth support. Please make this work... what good is a cell phone with Skype without Bluetooth support? You are failing.
Casual Adventurer

I just upgraded from a Blackberry which doesn't support Skype, to an Android superphone and was very happy to find the Skype app in the market.  Tested the video calling feature at home and it worked great! But just recently I tried it while driving via Bluetooth.  When Skype starts and logs on I can hear the Skype noise in the Bluetooth.  I started the video call and......the Bluetooth was dead.  All the sound was coming out of the phone's speaker and using the phone's mic.  What's the deal here Skype programmers?!?!? Are you going to get on this HUGE oversight anytime soon???  Tick tock tick tock, you're loosing customers who want a feature you seem too lazy to add/fix!

Casual Adventurer

I forgot to mention I am using Skype Mobile version on Android version 2.3.5 and stereo Bluetooth by Motorolla model S10-HD

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