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Bluetooth headset with Skype, on Android devices

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My setup is Motorola Atrix 4G with Gingerbread, and Sony Ericsson MW600 BT headset. On Skype the headset functions but the microphone does not, plus it mutes the phone mike. With a cable headset I have to plug it in after the call is set up or the sound comes out through the phone. Looks like there are several problems to be solved.

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I had this issue with my Google Nexus S. You will need a A2DP headset like Jabra Extreme 2. Even then the bluetooth connectivity isnt very reliable. The only way it works properly is when you call out, as a voice call alone and then turn the video on. Ever since I got this to work, i cancel incoming calls and call them back.

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To beat this horse, 


   I have an evo 3D and with the exact problem.  Now I've been watching this forum continuously grow for a least three weeks.  When is an acknowledgement going to come out and a solution behind that?  It seems the technology can work because at this point it's intermittened, so where's the update?

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I just got my Jabra Extreme 2 Bluetooth headset today and tried to use it with my Transformer Prime and Galaxy S I9000, both widely popular Android devices, one with Android 2.3, one with 4.0, both with Bluetooth support.


You can imagine my disappointment when I found out that the device only worked both ways (microphone and earpiece) with my PC laptop, not my phone or tablet. Now, I can hear music and everything from my tablet/phone including regular calls over GSM, but skype calls don't work. I sometimes hear the ring tone for one or two seconds when initiating a call and then it goes mute.


I use Skype almost exclusively over normal telephone connections for day to day communications. I really hope the Skype team would fix this a.s.a.p. or if anyone could tell me if I'm doing anything wrong. I could help Skype with some QA as well if needed.

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Skype works fine with my bluetooth headphonest when it doesn't detect it it, but it still uses my phone mic.(Android routes the audio to my headphones) When skype detetcs my headphones, it cuts off audio a second after the call starts. What skype needs to do is grab mic audio from my headphones, and let's android send Skype call audio to the headphones.
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This toppic is now open for EIGHT MONTHS. It is absolutely rediculus. Skype wants to be a phone service provider with payed services and still it does not offer basic functions like bluetooth headset support. Could the problem realy be so difficult to solve?
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They don't understand how android works, or that bluetooth headphones use 2 profiles at once. Android automatically routes the call audio, it doesn't need to be touched at all. What needs to be changed is what mic is used.
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That actually sounds pretty much like what I had to do in order to get the very same headset working properly with my PC skype. I wonder how difficult it actually is.. I mean, it *sounds* like a simple thing.

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I have the same problem, I even got AD2P bluetooth headset hoping to use bluetooth headset when using skype but big disappointment when all my media sound work perfectly but during skype call, it just doesn't. So I managed to trick skype audio (making sure bluetooth is already paired and connected.) This works for me but it still uses the devices mic not the bluetooth. Tested on my Samsung galaxy skyrocket S2


#1 exiting skype on task manager

#2 plug the headset/mic in the jack (to trick skype that is is using the headset)

#3 now make a skype call ( you can unplug the headset once you see it ringing under headset *icon headset and  it should not show that your skype call is on bluetooth mode, it should be on earpiece *icon once headset is unplug )


Please share if this works for you.



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ahh.. found a solution, which is a work around kind.


Login to skype, with your headphones, paired instead of video call, do only a voice call to the person. once connected, on the video.

It is working for me on Galaxy s2 with my LG Blutooth headset HBS-700




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