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Bluetooth headset with Skype, on Android devices

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Novel Tourist

Hi all,


I just received my wonderful Bluetooth headset that paired fantastically with my awesome Android phone... But I didn't find the way to make it works for this marvelous Skype... 


Any idea, an additional app that helps, or maybe an option on Skype for Android is coming soon ?

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Casual Adventurer

I also would like to see this feature. If i use skype for voice chat i use it for longer time (at least 1 hour) and it would be quite comfortable to use my bluetooth headset.


maybe every one who is interested in headset support could reply to this post so the skype team recognizes that there is a need.

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I have android phone and need a bluetooth headset support too, but...

a lot of owners Ipad/IPhone asks for the BT support, and still no one answer from Skype about this problem.

It looks like nobody in the Skype corp. has bluetooth headsets and all of them think so BT handy is useless toy...

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+1 for BT support.
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I also faced the same problem i.e. my Motorola H710 Bluetooth handsfree headset did not work with skype on my Samsung Galaxy S II running Android GingerBread 2.3.3 and running Skype ver. updated on Aug-04-2011 but it worked very well with my Sony Ericsson MW600 stereo bluetooth headset that supports A2DP profile. I believe that Skype for Android only supports bluetooth headsets with A2DP profile.

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I just realized that the issue lies in the fact the skype uses the media audio channel and not the phone audio channel for bluetooth and media audio channel is only available with a blueooth headset that support a2dp profile.
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sounds good

i think it should not be too difficult for the skype team to add an option where i can select which canel should be used.


Lets hope they read this and solve the problem

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I'm a little sad that Skype doesn't support Bluetooth through the phone channel. I had a leaked version of Skype with video (for my HTC Thunderbolt) and I was able to use Skype through my car to call my friend every morning. I was sad to see the option missing. I know they have the capabilities to do it, I hope they restore this capability...

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My headset supports a2dp so I can use it for Skype calls, but the headset buttons don't work as expected. I tried to mute myself while on a call by the normal method of holding the play/pause button for a second or two, and music started playing! I'm using Skype as a phone, and it should support the headset controls expected on a phone call.


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I had a standard Bluetooth ear piece.  I could not make it work with Skype.  I gave up and bought a new one.

Plantronics 903

This works great!


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