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Bluetooth headset with Skype, on Android devices

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hi? how did you did to work it? you only paring and that's all?


Novel Tourist
im trying to transfer contacts from my andriod phone to skype contacts any ideas
Casual Adventurer

Don't have an answer because I haven't tried using it with my android phone yet but if blue tooth isn't supported on the android phones. I won't even bother downloading it. With neck and back injuries.. blue tooth headset is the only way I can use skype via the computer, my tablet and would be the only way on my phone. Hopefully they will revisit this issue if they understand it could be an issue for people with disabilities who need the bluetooth interface and without it, they might be considered non-ADA compliant and could not only face fines for not complying but could lose their license to operate inside the United States. Walmart and Target both recently lost lawsuits at the SCOTUS level for being in non-compliance on their websites that ran into millions of dollars each in fines and fees and have to report on a quartly basis to the Department of Justice to verify they are complying or face additional fees.

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As I'm looking to make skype calls on my Android using a Bluetooth headset, I made a little research online and this is what I got.


In order to make skype calls on your phone using a bluetooth headset, your phone's bluetooth and the bluetooth headset must support A2DP. A2DP technology transmists music and sounds played by applications and I guess it should transmit Skype calls too, since Skype is an application. 


Check Jabra Extreme 2, it seems to me to be a good headset, not sure though. But, I'm planning to get it for my sony arc. 





Casual Adventurer

According to all the comments, I bought plantronics voyager pro+. The headset supports A2DP. But when i receive call on skype, i can hear the ring tone on the headset but i cannot talk with it.

Does anyone have an idea about this situation? By the way i am using the first version of skype on my mobile phone which is xperia X10 mini pro.


Please help me.

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Without bluetooth support, it's pretty much useless. Hope the guys at Skype get the message and find a solution.

Novel Tourist

I have the same headset and it doesn't work properly for me eather. 


I use it with HTC sensation. When I use it for voice calls, skype uses bluetooth as a2dp device, so I can hear the conversation, but it uses the microphone on the phone. I have a sport car with a pretty loud engine. I have to hold the phone in front of my face to talk... And the only chance for me to talk with my friends and family in europe is while I drive to work(8 hours difference). So they hear me terribly. Voyager is amazing filtering sounds and once in a while it actually does connect the mic on the headset. Something about 1 of a 100 calls go normally through my bluetooth. So it means that it can be fixed. It's not a phone/android problem etc... When my friends say WOW finally i hear you well I just cover put my phone in the pocket and have an amazing conversation... Normally they can't hear anything from the pocket. 


Another problem is video calling. The speaker and microphone on the phone are not the best solution for talking outside. Even if I try to talk on the balcony, simple wind destroys the call quality. 


I hope that one of your QA guys will take a look on this problem and finally put it in your test plan. It worse testing. Bluetooth is totally buggy.. but still, as I said it can work because it actually does once in a while.

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Yes... when is this going to work?

Casual Tourist

I have two bluetooth headsets.  One is a Plantronics Voyager 510, which has a phone profile.  That's the one I normally use with my cell phone, the one I carry in my briefcase.  It doesn't work with Skype.


The other is a jaybird uSport, which has both phone and media profiles. I use it at the gym to listen to music.  It's bulky so I don't carry it around with me.  Skype for Android works with this headset, although it's flaky.  I had to exit and re-enter Skype to get the headset working with Skype.


It's ironic that Skype doesn't work with a headset that is intended for use with phones.  It's worse that people have been complaining about this mis-feature for a year and there's been no response from Skype.

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I think this is a major missing feature with Skype, I too wanted to be able to use Sype with my BT headset on my Galaxy Nexus.  I found one workaround, but it pretty much sucks.  Start your call, get connected, then plug in a WIRED headset, and now at least you can use a headset.  If you've been using a wireless headset for a while you've probably forgotten how @$%Y#$^H annoying wired headsets are.  No matter what you're doing you'll find that cord getting snagged on something and it'll rip the earpieces right out of your ears then someone will watch as you stop your conversation to get your headset back in.  I also found that in my case if I had the WIRED headset connected BEFORE I started the Skype call the audio then went to my phones handset speaker, no idea why.


So this is an OK TEMPORARY solution for some people, but I'm sure for some this wont do what they need - what needs to happen is for Skype to really try and become a worthwhile telephone system and support modern methods of communication - Like bluetooth which I'll point out has been widely used much longer than Skype so why on earth would Skype (in theory a high tech communication method) not use pre-existing technology.  I mean we could always go back to rotory phones or a human switched telephone network where you call the operator, tell her who you want to talk to and she manually plugs your phone into the phone of the person your calling!