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BLU Studio 5.3 support

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Novel Adventurer

When will Skype support a new phone called BLU Studio 5.3?  I can download app, but it is not fully compatible with this device; I can make calls but no video conferencing option at this time.  

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Community Manager
did you enable video calling via the app's settings as explained here in the FAQ:

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Novel Adventurer

Thanks for your help.  Yes, I have looked at the FAQ, but I do not have the "Settings" option available.  From what I read on FAQ, this phone should meet the minimal requirements. The phone just came out earlier this month. 

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Novel Adventurer

I´ve installed Skype in my BLU Studio 5.3 but when I try to login in, the application closes. I´ve downloaded several times but I have the same "no login in". Thanks in advance for answering. 

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Novel Tourist

I had a similar problem if I enabled video calls, Skype (version crashes after login. If I disable video calls, I can login and make audio calls.

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Novel Tourist

Dear Friend, How are you?

I've the same problem of you with my blu studio 5.3

Have you find some solution to this problem?

If yes, please let me know.

All the best.

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Novel Adventurer
Hi xavier, How can one disable video calls if the app crashes after login when video calls are enabled? Is there an alternate path to the settings to disable video calls so a login can complete without exiting the app? This is my one true disappointment with the Blü Studio 5.3 so far. Aside from cramped built-in memory, it's a very decent phone (D510a). Regards and thanks for any thoughts!
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Honorary Adventurer
no video calling because the cpu is arm11
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Novel Adventurer

I was doing it wrong!  If Skype crashes on your Blu Studio 5.3 when trying to login, do this:

- Go to Settings->Applications->Manage Applications->Skype

- Press "Clear Data" to effectively reset the app to think it was just installed

- Start Skype

- Here's the important bit: When warned that video is not certified and may not work, press Cancel!  As in, don't even try it.  


I was able to login fully this way with no problems (and no video, but I assume (ahem) that audio will work properly).  Beats a stick in the eye, as they say!

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Novel Adventurer
Dear Friend,
I am here for a different reason. I think my BLU 5.3 is bricked. If you are a BLU 5.3 user would you be kind enough to provide me with the system dump? It is very urgent.
Many thanks in advance,
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