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Audio problem in video call - Android 4.0 ICS

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Novel Tourist


I bought a 7" N12 Android tablet and installed the latest Skype 2.8 version.


The voice call works fine, but when I switch on the video, my voice is not audible by the receiver. Only the video is available. I am able to hear the voice of the other person, but they are not able to hear my voice.


If we disconnect and start a fresh voice call alone, then it works fine until the video is switched on. If we start a video call directly, only video is available without my voice.


Is there any solution for this ? Pls help..




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Novel Adventurer

I'm having a similar problem on Windows 7.  Audio-only calls work fine.  When video is on, the other person says I'm choppy and robotic.  Call tech info reports no dropped packets when this is going on, and my dl/ul speeds are fast according to speed tests.  Anyone have a clue what's happening here?

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