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Asus fonepad cannot use for video calls

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Casual Adventurer

I bought an Asus fonepad 7 last week and installed the Skype for anroid package. But when i tried to make a video csll the skype will dropped down and restart. Then i uninstall skype and reinstalled inorder to resolve this matter and the result is same. Please help me to solve this matter.


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Novel Adventurer

I have the same problem with my asus fonepad. Hoping that Skype will resolve this problem.

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Novel Tourist

I have the same problem too..b4 it was updated i can use it but now if i turn on my video it automatically turns off and restart again..hope this can be resolved as soon as possible.. God bless!


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Casual Adventurer

Yes, either skype or asus have to attend for rhis matter, because some may not buy this further since most expect the skype facility from this tablet fonepad, since it is one of the main aspects even in mycase that influnce me to my since it has all the facilities. Hope everything will be fine soon.

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Same symptoms but can confirm that it previously worked before receent update.  One further piece of evidence.  I was able to make a voice call into the fonepad (from a Note 2) and then switch video on atthe Note 2 end and the video call was ok.  However turning video on from the fonepad caused the Skype app to crash immediately.  



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Casual Adventurer

Yes me too. I can see the video of the other party, but same happens if i switch on my video. :mad:

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Novel Tourist

I have the same video calls problem with ASUS Fonepad. Voice calls working properly. But when i switched on the video application got crash and restart. 


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Casual Adventurer

Ok friends, we all have the same problem now lets discuss a way to solve this matter since it might be important at this occation. Any suggestions? y):

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Novel Tourist
Is there any solution now on that problem?
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Casual Adventurer

Hello Aruna,

Were you able to resolve this issue. Iam also facing the same , I have tried reaching the technical support fo ASUS but ouldnt get any revert.



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