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Asus Memo pad 10

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I figured out that skype has some problems with my tablet asus memo pad 10 inch.


Its strange cuz sometimes i can hear the person i talk to sometimes dont (also the person on the other side has the simmilar problems). But the camera works perfect all the time. I also tried talking to echo test and its the same problem.. Once i hear her, other time i dont...


I'm using on Wifi connection. Type od conversation is mostly andorid (my tablet) to computer calls.


After multiple times of quiting and restarting skype everything work smoothly.. But that takes some time and random luck..



What should i do ? Any1 with the same problems ?


P.S. Developers if you see this : Please look into this and fix it.. 

Thanks !

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Hi there, exactly same issues with my memo pad FhD 10...

Also from tablet to phone.

Quite frustrating as Skype was one of the reasons to buy a tablet!!!

Developers: your turn to say something, and quickly!!!!

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Same here :-(

Did you try a video call in other apps?

I tried hangout and the problem persists - no sound, looks like hardware or general asus' android version bug. I alreade reseted to factory settings.

Very dissapointed, will send it back, since video chats is one of the main reasons I got it.


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Same on my memo pad hd 7. No sound at all when trying to call. 

Still no solution??

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This is very strange, but as I already wrote after setting the tab to factory settings there was also no sound during my first tests. Out of sudden, it started to work and it works now even the pad didn't received any software upgrade which could have repaired the bug. Later I realized I did deactivate some of the standard Asus apps. Before deactivating the user is being warned, that it can cause other apps to work properly. I thought maybe this yould be a reason for having no sound in video chat apps. But the fact, it stil didn't work after setting to factory proves the real cause was something else.

Whatever, it works with mine now, no idea why, you can try to reset to factory and do not deactivate Asus apps which in my opinion are quite bad... my next pad will be a nexus series with pure android, I hate the overload coming with manufacturers own versions of android which also prevents the user to receive Android updates... being forced to wait for the manufecturer to update it. Nexus series and pure android is huge advantage I learned.

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Yes, I also had the problem, but then I connected my headphones to the tablet and suddenly I heard everything,..


That's sad that without headphones you can't hear the sounds, but atleast you can hear.

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Hi all. After latest update from asus my skype work just fine. All perfect!!!
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I have the same problem. Can you give me step-by-step instruction how to solve it?

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Hi PiotrSteclik,


I had a problem similar to yours with Skype 4.5.  Reverting to this more reliable older Skype version, resolved the problem for many of us with smart-phones.  Others, usually with tablets, reported that Skype, better suited their needs.  If you have a smart-phone, tap the link of the former Skype, or the latter if you have a tablet.  If your first choice does not meet your needs, the other would be worth trying. 


Before tapping the downloaded apk file to install the selected Skype, uninstall the current Skype, disable the Play Store “Auto-update apps” option, and enable the Android Settings (from) “Unknown sources” option.  Once installed, disable the “Unknown sources” option.  Be sure to try any future Skype release, indicated by a change of release date on the Google Play Store Skype “UPDATE” page.  If the new Skype is unsatisfactory, revert to the older Skype using the saved apk file. 


You can choose an even earlier Skype version if you feel that this would be beneficial.  To date. I have not experienced any security problems with any of the above web links.  Please be sure to post another reply to let me know how you go with the installation.  I should be able to help you if you encounter difficulties. 


If you have not already done so, you should create a good Android issue report here to help Skype improve future versions.  I am sure that a Private Message to Claudius, letting him know where your report is, would be a nice surprise, and really make his day :-) 


Regards, BGW.514


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